Dams and canals

1 Substrate

2 Waterproofing layer
KÖSTER TPO Aqua 2.5 Geo

The watertightness in concrete structures is provided by the concrete itself but due to the concrete’s characteristics, the likelihood of developing cracks and other leaking pathologies requires the waterproofing treatment of the upstream side. On the other hand, the masonry structures are even more critical in developing leakages and requiring an effective waterproofing system.

The KOSTER TPO Aqua 2.5 Geo is an extremely robust TPO membrane made with the highest quality polymers and special additives that provide a very flexible but at the same time, very strong membrane. Our membrane features a 2,5 mm homogenous PE base TPO with a bottom section with factory embedded 500 g polyester fleece geotextile, for extra protection of the membrane against irregularities and protuberances that with the water pressure and weight, could contribute to damage the integrity of the membrane.

This special membrane allows the fastest waterproofing application method available, both for new structures and old structures that require a renovation. It is simply applied with mechanical fixation to the structure, without the necessity of any kind of surface preparation or removal of any old coatings that might exist, and allows a high stability in steep slopes and durability against atmospheric agents.

The use of our KOSTER TPO Aqua 2.5 Geo, reduces almost to zero the negative effect of cracks, substrate erosion and growing weeds on the concrete or masonry surface.

This special membrane is a truly environmentally responsible product, totally free of plasticizers and other volatile compounds and will help saving millions of cubic meters of water, with total security and respect for the environment.



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