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Slovakia, Bratislava, Roof repair with KÖSTER MS-Flexfolie

Complete repair of an older PVC foil with KÖSTER MS-Flexfolie

The surface of the foil was washed free of dust and dirt to increase the adhesion of the new coating with pressure water and allowed to dry completely. In the next step, the primer was applied with a roller. After the primer had dried, the first waterproofing layer was applied with a rubber trowel or roller. Details, penetrations, corners and corners were painted with a brush to get the coating everywhere. If the foil was damaged, torn or visibly leaking, this area was reinforced with reinforcing fabric in the first coat of KÖSTER MS Flex Foil. A second coat was also applied within a maximum of 48 hours to ensure that the coatings were properly bonded together. This repair created a new waterproofing layer on top of the old foil, extending the life and waterproofing of the base layer.

Roof repair with KÖSTER MS-Flexfolie, Bratislava , Slovakia 
Fields of application
Roof waterproofing with MS polymer liquid membranes
Product applied
KÖSTER MS-Flexfolie
San-Injekt s.r.o. Slowakei - Bratislava  
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